And Now for Something Completely Different – Królestwo

Do kompletu to chyba brakuje jeszcze tylko Królewicza.


And Now for Something Completely Different – Wieczny Grunwald

Potrafi wciągnąć.


And Now for Something Completely Different – Modern Java in Action

If you have stuck with pre 1.8 Java but you have to go back to the future, it’s definitely worth it!


And Now for Something Completely Different – Serotonina

Po taniości :(


VNC – The first attempt to start Xvnc failed

At some point I was struggling with the strange issue. It came out of nowhere. VNC simply stopped working. Eventually, it turned out that reason was completely awkward. Missing directory on LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Yes, I know how it sounds, but it’s true. You can try it by yourself


Stopping node.js – an elegant way

If you want to stop node.js you have basically two ways: – brute force (⌃ – C), – gentle way, via socket inside your application. I will show you how to do that using simple code (https://nodejs.org/en/about/). Brute force This is the simplest way, just kill your app inside console using Ctrl-C (macOS: ^-C). All […]


What kind of programmer are you…
take this simple C based ‘loop’ test

You still remember good old days with your Atari/Commodore machine. You like to annotate the code and you miss line numbers so much You like it ‘low level’ style. In high school you were the master of assembler. There is nothing wrong about working with bare metal, close to the chip. There is also nothing […]


Invalid CSS after “body”: expected 1 selector or at-rule, was “{ “

This error drove me crazy for a while. Find one difference :)


find without .git and .svn


Apple keyboard symbols – how to type them

⌘ – U+2318 ⌥ – U+2325 ⇧ – U+21E7 ⌃ – U+2303 ⌫ – U+232B If you don’t know how to type Unicode characters in mac OS, take a look here: Unicode frames in macOS.


Capture whole HTML page into PNG

1. Start Chrome 2. Open the page 3. Open DevTools (⌥⌘I) 4. Open the Command Menu (⇧⌘P) 5. Choose Capture full size screenshot


Python 3 Programming Specialization – Coursera

If you want to learn Python 3, I definitely suggest this specialization: Python 3 Programming Specialization. It consists of five courses, each focusing on different aspects of programming. It will guide you through the basics of Python 3 programming and will let you learn lost of various aspects of Python 3 based development: Python basics […]


List all shared libraries loaded by the process



Unicode frames in macOS

If you want to type in Unicode character on macOS, it’s very simple. Just add new layout System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Input Sources. Now, you can type the hex number of Unicode character while keeping option (⌥) key pressed. For example, to get ╒═╕ type: ⌥+2552, ⌥+2550, ⌥+2555.


It was fun, but no, thanks …


This is the end, Beautiful friend :(

My Open Source based license for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate came to and end. It’s time to say goodbye :(


And Now for Something Completely Different – e-Deklaracje 2019 macOS

Jeżeli walczysz z e-Deklaracjami na macOS, jest duża szansa że widziałeś komunikat jak poniżej: “Failed to load an application resource (internal error).” Na szczęście, jest rozwiązanie tej patowej sytuacji. Winę za całość ponosi integracja e-Deklaracji i Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Nie wiem jak u innych, ale u mnie e-Deklaracje nie współpracują z najnowszą wersją Adobe […]


Scanning remote machines in macOS

If you have issues while testing your remote services, it’s very convenient to use Network Utility in macOS. You can start it either using Spotlight Search (⌘-space) or you can call it directly from CLI All you have to do is to scan your target machine using Prot Scan If you want to start port […]


Quotes like this make my day ;)

So the svd and the principle components, and principle components analysis is essentially the same thing. And so if you hear, you know, you’re in a cocktail party and you hear two people talking about the svd and pca you can rest assured that they’re basically doing the same thing. source: Exploratory Data Analysis One […]


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