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So, I’ve decided to take my work back underground To stop it falling into the wrong hands. — Intro, The Prodigy


Dealing with double _main in the Fortran code

From time to time it happens that you are forced to work with legacy code. This code might have _main already defined inside. This may happen in case you are trying to link two object files, both, defining _main function. There is hope! Let’s say we have a code (legacy one) And now, we are […]


And Now for Something Completely Different –
Pierwsza osoba liczby pojedynczej

It looks like this one drifts towards Pulo Coelho’s style


And Now for Something Completely Different – Kotlin Developer track

Finishing it took some time, but was definitely worth it :) I will take the opportunity to write a short review of the whole learning path. I think that most important question raised by newcomers is – was it worth the time and effort? Well, based on the fact that this learning path is related […]


Data backups – dedicated solution vs. home made server

Some years ago (~10) I was puzzled by the choice between dedicated backup machine (something like one describe here: QNAP TS-231P – rok i trzy fackupy później (na szczęście z happy endem)) vs. my own setup. There are advantages of dedicated backup solutions (so called NASes). These machines have close to zero configuration setup, look […]


Google Cloud Platform vs. recent stuff vs. refurbished machine

Recently, I have received “the very first time GCP client” offer from Google. I assume that all the people get this initial credit so they can test GCP based services. For me this was an obvious sign – how will it perform with Minecraft installed. To be honest, I was positively surprised. Setting everything up […]


And Now for Something Completely Different – Serce ciemności

Heart of Darkness – redux; adapted to modern times.


JetBrains academy – Kotlin – this one was tough ;)

So, I eventually stepped on Seam Carving in JetBrains Academy – Kotlin. This one was tough ;) And, to be honest, mostly due to my ignorance. As I had Algorithms and Data Structures lecture during my studies – to be honest, I have been teaching Algorithms and Data Structures in C++ for one semester at […]


The story of my new 47 PB hard drive

At some point, my Time Machine started to complain that there is no enough space to make a complete backup of my disk When I tried to figure out what was happening, it turned out that my $HOME was the place that occupied most of the space. I have tried to use typical approach to […]


Blade Runner

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. SVN repos so big they didn’t fit on SSD. I watched spaces glitter among the dark tabs of Python. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to code using new hype.


When you find out the magic behind the tool ;)

Sometimes you step on a random tweet, like this one Why I love building the tool I use in my daily workflow! and you figure out that there is a magic behind the tool ;) This small feature was the cause of my final decision I was struggling with – whether to pay the license […]


And Now for Something Completely Different – React

If you are looking for a good JavaScript, jQuery and React tutorials, look no further :) You can find direct links below   


Rust – first impression

So, I started to look at Rust and that’s how I feel Let’s excuse me baby Go, yeah you baby Back, ooh you groovy baby In, let’s make a movie baby Time, excuse me baby Let’s, yeah you baby Go, ooh you groovy baby Back in, let’s make a movie baby Time … … But […]


macOS – remember to check hard drives for errors

It looks like my macOS got little bit too optimistic when it comes to size of my 500GB hard drive :) It started to complain that Time Machine couldn’t complete the backup. If you have similar issue, make sure to run diagnostic of your hard drive


New Moleskine’s cover – a perfect fit for year 2021

Just in case you have ever asked about mental state of, well, probably anything ;)


And Now for Something Completely Different – tenet /ˈten.ɪt/

It’s not a trip for people who can’t think in nonlinear way If you want to feel how awkward it is to play with time, try playing this game :)


A single server tick took 60.00 seconds (should be max 0.05)

Just make sure to add into your server.properties file.


JetBrains Academy – or how to have fun while learning new stuff

I have already mentioned on the blog that I have started my adventure with JetBrains Academy. I am pursuing my knowledge of Kotlin, and the whole process goes pretty well. What I like most in JetBrains’ Academy way of setting goals is that you are dealing with real applications. Applications that do something. For example, […]


Use Invalidate Caches, Luke. Let go.


Tymczasem, gdzies w polowie drogi

Już niedaleko :)