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The list of the books, I want to share with you, is totally unordered, it has no special meaning, there is no hidden key.


Recording on macOS without black screen

Go to: Chrome -> Settings… -> System Turn off: Use graphics acceleration when available


XLD, Mp3tag and VLC

I am a little bit tired of the Music app. Recently, I lost all my songs due to moving the library to an external drive. I don’t say it was not my fault. It might be that I haven’t applied enough magic to the whole process. Anyway, I have ended up with this. I have […]


LEGO Mindstorms EV3 – firmware upgrade

If you have faced the issue with firmware update (e.g. via page: https://ev3manager.education.lego.com) here are the steps that worked for me: Note! I am describing here the process for: LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 1. Download the firmware upgrade from LEGO page: https://education.lego.com/en-gb/product-resources/mindstorms-ev3/downloads/firmware-update/ The direct link to firmware is: EV3 Firmware 2. Download EV3 Lab Software […]


Sony NW A306 – simplify USB transfer

By default, each time you connect Sony Walkman to your macOS (Android File Transfer) it asks for PIN and enforces you to choose connection mode. By default, No File Transfer – just charging. It is possible to override this settings via Developer menu. However, it requires some “magic” to enable it. If you can’t see […]


Sony NW A306 review

So, it’s almost two weeks since I put my hands on Sony NW A306 Walkman. Is it worth getting it? — The Good — It is a solid, well built, extremely handy player. All the required buttons are available on the side, that is: Power On/Off, Hold, Volume Up, Volume Down, Next, Prev, Play/Pause. It […]


I don’t understand import settings in Music app

I don’t understand CD import settings in Music app at all :(


Sony Walkman NW-A306 and missing album art (cover)
in ALAC files imported from Music

I guess, this is something everybody struggles with. After ripping CD, getting cover artwork and putting files into Walkman there is no art cover on a device.


LEGO EV3 – Tank Bot and evil Python error :)

So, eventually, we have built Tank Bot according to the manual. Once everything was set up inside VS Code it turned out our Tank Bot doesn’t work as expected. All it was doing was producing an error: It turned out that there is a misalignment between ports being used inside building instructions and the Python […]


EV3 MicroPython

If you want to start your journey with EV3 and Python (using macos) you will need: – microSD card (e.g.: SANDISK Ultra microSDHC 32GB) – microSD to USB adapter (e.g.: ISY ICR-6000 USB-C), – MicroPython image (you can download it from LEGO web page here). Once you have downloaded the image, make sure to start […]


Extrovert vs. introvert – does it matter during recruitment process?

TLDR; – do personal traits (so called Big 5) influence our choices regarding recruitment process? If they do, maybe we are all wrong about the way we are hiring people. If you want to jump directly to survey, click here. —————— There are studies that show extroverts perform better at some types of the job. […]


Gdy RadioRAM nie ogarnia playlisty
i srednio ogarnia Facebooka ;)

Super fajny cover Dreams by Cranberries: 夢中人 by Faye Wong (Youtube).


Bitwarden @ Debian 12 – starting it via systemd
(Docker based installation of Bitwarden)

Recently I was setting my my own, personal, Bitwarden server. The last step, that left, was to configure systemd service in order to make sure my Bitwarden installation starts up whenever machine is rebooted. I have spent few hours to solve this issue due to mysterious error inside /var/log/syslog: The problem was that the service […]


Building KataGo on macOS

This is still a draft


Running GNU Go on KGS using kgsGtp – or how to play with your own bot

I am now reading Learn to Play Go by Janice Kim i Soo-hyun Jeong. Really nice lecture I must say. However, I was lacking a sparing partner to test some of the concepts presented in the book. This is why I have decided to setup my own, personal Go bot. Note that this tutorial covers […]


Self hosted Bitwarden on Debian 12

I need a password manager – I simply have too many passwords. For a very long time my weapon of choice was Locko. However, due to it’s lack of sharing passwords locally (e.g. via some personal cloud) I have decided to look for something else. Bitwarden seemed like a good idea. Open Sourced, allows self […]


macOS + DENON AH-C830NCW pairing nightmare

Recently I have gone through the 9 levels of pairing hell with macOS 13.5.2 and DENON AH-C830NCW. I have upgraded system to most recent version and suddenly the connection was gone. There was no way to reconnect earphones with the mac. Here are few useful links that helped me to solve the issue (don’t bother […]


Back to school

You know it’s the end of holiday season as soon as your calendar starts to look like this.


macOS 13.5.1 and Samsung SCX-4500W

If you have issues with the printer/scanner driver in macOS 13.5.1, look no further – very useful link. And yet another very useful link: even more useful link It seems like Samsung SCX-4500W printer/scanner works perfectly fine with a ML-2160 driver that is present in the very first link :) All Filter related issues are […]


macOS and Docker

I don’t know how is it about you, but in my case, I have already faced the total lag of the system due to having / consumed 100% by Docker. At the time of writing, I have made two things to save my Macintosh HD. First, push yourcom.docker.docker out of your system HDD. Second. Make […]


Building OpenCoarrays on macOS
– everything from the sources – gcc-13.2.0

This article focuses on installation based on gcc-13.2.0. There are quite a lot of perquisites for this article, but there are two, most important ones. You will need: huge cup of coffee/tea and something to do between various compilation steps (good book would be handy, maybe some movie on Netflix). There are few steps you […]