And Now for Something Completely Different – Kierunek jakosc

Gadu, gadu – nocą, Baju, baju – w dzień


JVM – the sea of tools

Sometimes it’s hard to remember all of them


Sometimes, there is a daemon inside me

And I simply can not help it.


Unexpected promotion :)

That’s what I call unexpected promotion ;)


And Now for Something Completely Different –
– Z proca na olbrzyma

Pozytywne zaskoczenie


And Now for Something Completely Different –
-Getting Things Done Workbook

The better explanation of GTD


And Now for Something Completely Different –
-Higiena mordercy

Scieg prowadzony niespotykanie grubymi nicmi. Musialo sie rozejsc.


And Now for Something Completely Different –
-Getting Things Done

300 pages discussing “the diagram”


And Now for Something Completely Different –
– Jak pobrac certyfikat COVID-19 dla dziecka

Trochę mi to zajęło, ale koniec końców się udało :)


IT meet-ups – there are better alternatives

I think I have attended enough number of meet-ups to call it a day.


Minecraft 1.17 and Java related issues

After recent upgrade, I have experienced few, small, issues related to Java version incompatibility.


Distraction free screen saver – macOS

From time to time I really have to focus on things that are outside of the computer – chapter in a book, an article, some sort of a report.


In case you have no idea what to read next …

The list of the books, I want to share with you, is totally unordered, it has no special meaning, there is no hidden key.


Certbot and Tomcat

Let’s say you have a domain host.domain.pl and you want to run Tomcat with SSL certificate.


And Now for Something Completely Different –
Szkice z filozofii glupoty

Idealne wyczucie czasu :)


New font for the JNI Cookbook Redux cover

I am jumping between fonts from time to time. This time, the cover was changed a little bit – it uses now Source Code Pro.


GNU GPL version 2 – shortest code contest

If you are looking for a shortest, GNU GPL v.2 licensed code, I guess this one is quite a good candidate Well, this one is even shorter ;)


Become a Certified Java Developer for $25

Just in case you haven’t seen it yet – Oracle runs Java 25th Anniversary promotion.


Debugging Java with JNI on HPC machine

If you have worked on CLI based machines, where there is no way of running GUI debugger (e.g. TotalView) you probably know the struggle of debugging JNI based code. In case you can connect to machines remotely, it’s quite OK. If not, there is nothing else than CLI based environment. I am working on a […]


JNI Cookbook – 404

So, I’ve decided to take my work back underground To stop it falling into the wrong hands. — Intro, The Prodigy