↓↓ 2020 ↓↓

L. Frassinetti, S. Saarelma, G. Verdoolaege, M. Groth
J.C. Hillesheim, P. Bilkova, P. Bohm, M. Dunne
R. Fridström, E. Giovannozzi, F. Imbeaux, B. Labit, E. de la Luna
C. Maggi, M. Owsiak, R. Scannell and JET contributors

Pedestal structure, stability and scalings in JET-ILW: the EUROfusion JET-ILW pedestal database
Published 23 November 2020, EURATOM 2020, Nuclear Fusion, Volume 61, Number 1


A. Gutierrez-Milla, T. Zok M. Owsiak, M. Plociennik, M. J. Mantsinen

Progress in the transferability of fusion workflows across HPC systems
proceedings of 1st Spanish Fusion HPC Workshop 2020


D. Yadykin, O.Hoenen, B. Palak, M. Owsiak
D. Penko, L. Fleury, T. Salmon, D. Figat
J. Hollocombe, F. Imbeaux, G. Manduchi, M. Plociennik

Integrated modelling platform tools in support of ETS and EUROfusion-WPISA team and EUROfusion-WPCD team
proceedings of SOFT2020 conference

↓↓ 2019 ↓↓

S. Kahn, C. Reux, J.-F. Artaud
G. Aiello, J.-B. Blanchard, J. Bucalossi, S. Dardour
L. Di Gallo, D. Galassi, F. Imbeaux, J.-C. Jaboulay
M. Owsiak, N. Piot, R. Radhakrishnan, L. Zani and the URANIE Team

Sensitivity analysis of fusion power plant designs using the SYCOMORE system code
Nuclear Fusion, Volume 60, Number 1

↓↓ 2018 ↓↓

Voitsekhovitch, R. Hatzky, D. Coster, F. Imbeaux, D. C. McDonald
T. B. Fehér, K. S. Kang, H. Leggate, M. Martone, S. Mochalskyy, X. Sáez
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M. Hölzl, S. D. Pinches, F. da Silva, D. Tskhakaya

Recent EUROfusion achievements in support of computationally demanding multi-scale fusion physics simulations and integrated modelling
Fusion Science and Technology (accepted)



MARCONI-FUSION: The new high performance computing facility for European nuclear fusion modelling
Fusion Engineering and Design Volume 129, April 2018, Pages 354-358


Cédric Reux, et al.

DEMO Design using the SYCOMORE System Code: Influence of Technological Constraints on the Reactor Performances

↓↓ 2016 ↓↓

Sandro Fiore, et al.

Distributed and cloud-based multi-model analytics experiments on large volumes of climate change data in the earth system grid federation eco-system.

DOI: 10.1109/BigData.2016.7840941


Michał Owsiakak, Marcin Plociennik, Bartek Palak, Tomasz Zok,
Cedric Reux, Luc Di Gallo, Mireille Schneider, Thomas Johnson, Denis Kalupin

Running simultaneous Kepler sessions for the parallelization of parametric scans and optimization studies applied to complex workflows

DOI: 10.1016/j.jocs.2016.12.005


Michał Owsiak, Marcin Plociennik, Bartek Palak, Tomasz Zok, Olivier Hoenen

Best Practices in Debugging Kepler Workflows

International Conference on Computational Science 2016, ICCS 2016, 6-8 June 2016, San Diego, California, USA



Michał Owsiakak, Marcin Plociennik, Bartek Palak, Tomasz Zok,
Cedric Reux, Luc Di Gallo, Mireille Schneider, Thomas Johnson, Denis Kalupin

Running Simultaneous Kepler Sessions for the Parallelization of Parametric Scans and Optimization Studies Applied to Complex Workflows

International Conference on Computational Science 2016, ICCS 2016, 6-8 June 2016, San Diego, California, USA



D. Salomoni, I. Campos, L. Gaido, G. Donvito, M. Antonacci, P. Fuhrman,
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R. Bruno, M. Fargetta, E. Giorgio, S. Reynaud, L. Schwarz, A. Dorigo, T. Bell, R. Rocha ·

INDIGO-Datacloud: foundations and architectural description of a Platform as a Service oriented to scientific computing

Mar 2016

↓↓ 2015 ↓↓

L. Di Gallo, C. Reux, F. Imbeaux, J.-F. Artaud, M. Owsiak,
B. Saoutic, G. Aiello, P. Bernardi, G. Ciraolo, J. Bucalossi,
J.-L. Duchateau, C. Fausser, D. Galassi, P. Hertout, J.-C. Jaboulay, A. Li-Puma, L. Zani

Coupling between a multi-physics workflow engine and an optimization framework

Dec 2015 · Computer Physics Communications


F. Imbeaux, S. D. Pinches, J.B. Lister, Y. Buravand, T. Casper,
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G. Manduchi, M.Owsiak, B. Palak, M. Plociennik, G. Rouault, O. Sauter, P. Strand

Design and first applications of the ITER Integrated Modelling & Analysis Suite

2015 IAEA, Vienna – Nuclear Fusion, Volume 55, Number 12

↓↓ 2014 ↓↓

Marcin Plóciennik, Szymon Winczewski, Pawel Ciecielag, Frederic Imbeaux,
Bernard Guillerminet, Philippe Huynh, Michal Owsiak, Piotr Spyra,
Thierry Aniel, Bartek Palak, Tomasz Zok, Wojciech Pych, Jaroslaw Rybicki

Tools, Methods and Services Enhancing the Usage of the Kepler-based Scientific Workflow Framework.

ICCS 2014: 1733-1744

↓↓ 2013 ↓↓

M. Płóciennik, T. Żok, I. Altintas, J. Wang, D. Crawl, D. Abramson,
F. Imbeaux, B. Guillerminet, M. Lopez-Caniego, I. Campos Plasencia,
W. Pych, P. Ciecieląg, B. Palak, M. Owsiak, Y. Frauel and ITM-TF contributors

Approaches to Distributed Execution of Scientific Workflows in Kepler

Fundamenta Informaticae 128 (2013) 1–22,

DOI 10.3233/FI-2012-881

↓↓ 2012 ↓↓

M. Płóciennik, M. Owsiak, T. Zok, B. Palak, A. Gómez-Iglesias,
F. Castejón, M. Lopez-Caniego, I. Campos Plasencia, A. Costantini, D. Yadykin, P. Strand

Application Scenarios Using Serpens Suite for Kepler Scientific Workflow System

Procedia Computer Science, Volume 9, 2012, Pages 1604–1613


M. Płóciennik, M. Owsiak, T. Żok, A. Gomez-Iglesias, and F. Castejon

Serpens suite for Kepler workflow orchestration system


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Easy use of high performance computers for fusion simulations.

Fusion Engineering and Design, 2012


Bartek Palak, Paweł Wolniewicz, Marcin Płóciennik, Michał Owsiak, Tomasz Żok

User-Friendly Frameworks for Accessing Computational Resources


↓↓ 2011 ↓↓

M. Owsiak

Gamestorming as an example of distributed cognition

Proceeding of conference – “7. Poznańskie Forum Kognitywistyczne” – UAM Poznań – 2011


ISSN 1689-9768
p. 142-147

↓↓ 2010 ↓↓

Memon M. S., Riedel M., Memon A. S., Wolf F., Streit A., Lippert Th.,
Plociennik Marcin, Owsiak Michal, Tskhakaya David, Konz Christian

Lessons learned from jointly using HTC- and HPC-driven e-Science infrastructures in fusion science

Jülich Supercomputing Centre, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany

This paper appears in: Information and Emerging Technologies (ICIET), 2010 International Conference on
Issue Date: 14-16 June 2010
On page(s): 1 – 6
Location: Karachi, Pakistan
Print ISBN: 978-1-4244-8001-2
DOI 10.1109/ICIET.2010.5625696


M. Płóciennik, M. Owsiak, T. Żok, B. Guillerminet, E. Fernandez,
I. Campos, S. Memmon, and M. Riedel

Grid Infrastructure interoperability in EU FP7th Euforia project, 2010


Strand P., Bernard Guillerminet, Isabel Campos Plasencia, José M. Cela,
Rui Coelho, David Coster, Lars-Goran Eriksson, Matthieu Haefele, Francesco Iannone,
Frederic Imbeaux, Adrian Jackson, Gabriele Manduchi, Michal Owsiak,
Marcin Plóciennik, Alejandro Soba, Eric Sonnendrücker, Jan Westerholm

European infrastructure for Fusion Simulations

Proceedings of the 18th Euromicro Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network-based Processing, PDP 2010, Pisa,Italy, February 17-19, 2010
pages 460-467
ISBN 978-0-7695-3939-3
DOI 10.1109/PDP.2010.98


Owsiak M., Palak B., Płóciennik M., Campos I., Fernández E., Cabellos L., Guillerminet B.

Unified Access to Grid and HPC Resources

Proceedings of the 18th Euromicro Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network-based Processing, PDP 2010, Pisa,Italy, February 17-19, 2010
pages 468-475,
DOI 10.1109/PDP.2010.98

↓↓ 2009 ↓↓

I. Campos Plasencia, E.. Fernández, L. Cabellos, M. Plociennik, M. Owsiak,
B. Guillerminet, A. Soba

Modelling Mixed Workflows between Grid and HPC in EUFORIA.

3rd Iberian Grid Infrastructure Conference. Valencia (Spain).
May 20-22, 2009
ISBN: 978-84-9745-406-3.;
pp. 256-265


B. Guillerminet, I. Campos Plasencia, M. Haefele, F. Iannone,
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High performance computing tools for the Integrated Tokamak Modelling Project.

7th IAEA Technical Meeting on Control, Data Acquisition and Remote Participation for Fusion Research.
Aix-en-Provence, (France). 2009. 
ISSN = 0920-3796.
DOI: 10.1016/j.fusengdes.2010.01.003


M. Płóciennik, M. Owsiak, E. Fernández, E. Heymann, M. A. Senar,
S. Kenny, B. Coghlan, S. Stork, P. Heinzlreiter, H. Rosmanith,
I. Campos Plasencia, R. Valles project approach on supporting interactive applications in grid environment

Grid Enabled Remote Instrumentation Signals and Communication Technology, 2009, Part V,
DOI: 10.1007/978-0-387-09663-6_28 – p. 435-445,

↓↓ 2008 ↓↓

J.Marco, W.Bogacki, N.Meyer, M.Owsiak, M.Płóciennik, M. Pospieszny, M.Zawadzki

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Journal of Computing and Informatics,
ISSN 1335-9150 Volume 27, 2008, Nr 2,
p. 161-171


M.Owsiak, B.Palak, M.Płóciennik

Graphical Framework for Grid Interactive and Parallel Applications,

Journal of Computing and Informatics
ISSN 1335-9150 Volume 27, 2008, Nr 2

↓↓ 2007 ↓↓

H. Rosmanith, J. Volkert, R. Valles, F. Serrano, M. Plociennik, M. Owsiak

Interactive Fusion Simulation and Visualisation on the Grid

ISPDC ’07 Proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing
DOI 10.1109/ISPDC.2007.32


M. Owsiak

User Interface Design and Multicultural Factors

Proceeding of conference – “Multicultural Communication Perspectives” – UAM Poznań


Hommo Communicativus 1 (2)/2007
ISSN 1896-3099
p. 59-64