How do I work with development build on macOS – NetBeans 11.0

Whenever you download NetBeans 11.0 (development version) from the official page here: Download, you end up with a zip file that contains working copy of NetBeans. It looks like this If you want to run it, you can make a symlink to netbeans/bin/netbeans, you can open the directory and double-click the executable file, you can […]


macOS and VMware Tools for Ubuntu
– sharing files between host and guest system

You can share your macOS directories between your host system and guest system while running VMFusion. In my case, the easiest way to do it was as follows. Download VMware Tools You can download it here: VMware tools Unpack the archive After unpacking the archive you will find structure like this Mount the iso file […]


OpenVPN on macOS 10.14

If you want to install most recent version of OpenVPN on macOS you will need: tuntap   git clone git://tuntaposx.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/tuntaposx/tuntaposx LZO http://www.oberhumer.com/opensource/lzo/download/ OpenSSL git clone https://github.com/openssl/openssl.git OpenVPN     OpenVPN download XCode XCode in AppStore Double check you can download all the stuff. Once it’s in place, you can proceed with installation. That’s it.


NetCAT 11.0

So, NetCAT 11.0 has started Register If you want to register, take a look here: NetCAT 11.0 Participants Get the stuff If you are looking for development version of NetBeans (current version is 11.0-vc4) – take a look here: 11.0-vc1, 11.0-vc2, 11.0-vc3, 11.0-vc4. You will need JVM to run things If you are looking for […]


macOS with multiple displays-
prevent mouse from jumping to other screen

Working with multiple displays can make you suffer while moving mouse close to the edge. Suddenly you end up at the other display. Solution is so freaking simple ;)


cat and next line continuation ‘\’

This one, gave me one, huge, headache. Yes, you are right, there is an extra space at the end of line cat file \ .


macOS + VIM + Modifer Keys… – make life easier


yank the line

Whenever you need that line – without leading spaces, and without new line character: ^y$.








macOS – disable notifications

I am not sure who’s idea was it to force people to use notifications. The first thing I always do (after installing macOS) is going to System Preferences -> Notifications -> Turn on Do Not Disturb. There is no other way, unless you want to be disturbed every, freaking, minute :)


/dev/ufs/ no such file or directory

I was struggling for quite some time with my USB backup drive attached to NAS server based on FreeBSD. From time to time, during boot time, I was getting error and machine was going into single user mode. It turned out, that adding late inside /etc/fstab was enough to solve the issue. It solved the […]


NetBeans – make macOS installer beautiful again

It’s fairly easy to make macOS like Application based on zip file distributed by Apache. All you need to do is to create structure like this: and make sure to run actual application inside NetBeans wrapper script Then, you need just a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and you can end […]


vsftpd and nasty ‘vsftpd failed – probably invalid config.’ error

If you have encountered this sort of issue try this one. Inside /etc/init.d/vsftpd replace these lines with this one I have spent few hours to resolve this one ;)


NetCAT – NetBeans 10 and testing FTP connections
– Docker based

That’s yet another post about making live easier through Docker. This time, I am focusing on FTP. Testing FTP features in PHP based project requires running FTP server. And, let’s be honest, this is a place where you can face some issues. First of all, you have to have FTP server running, you have to […]


CLI, diff, and something like meld

If you work with remote machines, and you need to take a brief look at some changes in files it might be really painful. If need a quick glimpse into differences between two files, you can always use diff. you can even get some context, together with difference But, let’s be honest, that’s not what […]


NetBeans – profiler test pack (Docker based)

If you want to test remote profiler in NetBeans, it might be quite a struggle. Main source of the problem lays in the fact, you need remote code running. You have few options here: locally started code (you can access it via localhost), Virtual Machine with all the components (JDK, source code, profiler pack), dedicated […]


NetBeans and arbitrary JDK version in macOS

By default, macOS picks up Java version based on highest number that is located here /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines. This is quite painful in case you have multiple versions of Java and willing to switch back and forth. You can, of course, export JAVA_HOME like this You can disable Java versions by moving file /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk-##.jdk/Contents/Info.plist to “backup” – […]


Thunderbird – calendar times are mixed up (Lightning add-on)

I was struggling with Lightning plugin for quite some time. The reason was that I was getting invitations with mixed up times. Sometimes, they were correct, sometimes, completely crazy. Eventually, it turned out that Thunderbird has it’s own time zone settings. Who would have guessed? If you fix this one, all the meetings will start […]