macOS – remember to check hard drives for errors

It looks like my macOS got little bit too optimistic when it comes to size of my 500GB hard drive :) It started to complain that Time Machine couldn’t complete the backup. If you have similar issue, make sure to run diagnostic of your hard drive


New Moleskine’s cover – a perfect fit for year 2021

Just in case you have ever asked about mental state of, well, probably anything ;)


And Now for Something Completely Different – tenet /ˈten.ɪt/

It’s not a trip for people who can’t think in nonlinear way If you want to feel how awkward it is to play with time, try playing this game :)


A single server tick took 60.00 seconds (should be max 0.05)

Just make sure to add into your server.properties file.


Use Invalidate Caches, Luke. Let go.


Tymczasem, gdzies w polowie drogi

Już niedaleko :)


20 days later :)

It’s already 20 days after we have started our own Minecraft server :) Who would have thought it will run so smoothly. We have created some crazy structures in there as well :)


Spring Boot – ResponseStatusException
reason not returned in response body

At some point I have decided that I really have to return HTTP codes for some illegal invocations of my API. I have decided to use simple solution. however, this solution has one, small drawback. You have to remember about putting inside application.properties. Otherwise, reason will not be passed back. You can read some thoughts […]


Huge herd of cows and terrifying Stack Overflow Error

I never though that huge herd of cows can be the reason of Stack Overflow Error in Java. Yes, that’s true. It happened to us :) So, the other day we were playing Minecraft and Miki started to drop red cow eggs like a crazy. We had huge island fully filled with cows. Lots of […]


Minecraft server on Atom based (10 years old) machine

So, I had this old machine nobody wanted – Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU D510 @ 1.66GHz based daemon with 4GB of RAM and huge – 140 GB – HDD. I have decided to turn it into Minecraft server for our household. If you want to do something similar, here it goes. All the steps to get […]


Don’t comment you code while writing it – comment it two weeks later

From my experience it seems like two weeks are enough to forget what you were doing. More or less. Probably it’s an individual factor, but you can try yourself. Anyways, if you want to document your code, do it later, like these mentioned two weeks. The reason here is that you will already look at […]


Spring Boot – Could not open JPA EntityManager for transaction

If you are getting something like this before digging inside your Spring Boot configuration, make sure that Docker with your MySQL database is still running ;)


I am your private JAR, do what you want me to do
– or how to use local JARs in your Maven based project

I think it’s a quite common case in most of the projects. You have this one or two fancy JARs that are part of your project and you have to import them into Java application that is build using Maven. To get it solved, you have to do following. First of all, create your local […]


R4.0 with Java 14 inside macOS 10.15.4

As usual, there are some issues with new Java releases (14) and R4.0. If you want to run rJava package inside R you have to do few things. First, make sure you are using Java 14 as default inside terminal session. Inside ~/.profile or ~/.zshrc add this line Once it’s done, you have to make […]


And Now for Something Completely Different
– schabowy, ziemniaczki i mizeria

Schabowy, ziemniaczki (z koperkiem) i mizeria. Mniam, mniam. Idealny zestaw. Czasami bywa jednak tak, że ktoś wyjedzie za granicę (np. do Bawarii), wejdzie do jednego ze sławnych Bier Hausów i od tej pory już tylko Wiener Schnitzel mit Sauerkraut. I tylko to i już tylko to będzie się liczyć. I te wszystkie historie o niebagatelnym […]


And Now for Something Completely Different – Senior Java Developer
– crazy metrics based on tutorial materials

It takes Senior Java Developer 6 (six) minutes to fix type cast error while working with TypeScript. If it takes you the same ammount of time, I guess you can call yourself a Senior Java Developer :)


IT meet-ups – there are better alternatives

I think I have attended close to call it enough number of meet-ups so far. Recently I have found this article: Why I Stopped Attending Programming Meet-ups – I think it is pretty close to summing up the idea of meet-ups. I don’t claim I am not going to attend any meet-up ever. I am […]


And Now for Something Completely Different – cs:go
macOS Catalina and double click issue

If you face the issue with mouse double click inside CS:GO – e.g. you have to double click to switch between menu options, or you have to double click to shot a weapon – follow these steps. To set windowed mode of CS:GO make sure to set it here Counter Strike Global Offensive


Running GSL library inside R on macOS 10.15

It’s quite simple. Make sure to build everything from the sources make sure that R can see your fresh installation and run R. now, you can install other packages that depend on GSL, e.g. copula. That’s it!


JDK 14 and macOS Catalina – issue with unidentified developer

After installing JDK 14, as soon as you try to compile simple Hello world! application you will notice following issue “jdk-14.jdk” is damaged and can’t be opened This issue can be solved by moving Info.plist into backup file (e.g. one with ~ at the end). However, this will not solve your problems completely. There is […]