You need no maven to run JUnit 5 tests

Whenever I see presentation, article, tutorial, related to JUnit 5 based tests there is Maven as well. I am not quite a fan of Maven. Anyway, I think it’s worth remembering that for running tests you don’t need it. You don’t have to create complex pom.xml file. You can resort to just few lines of […]


Google Search Console, site map file and WordPress

If you want to generate site-map of your WordPress based blog it’s simple and hard at the same time. It’s hard because it’s problematic to find good plugin that can get site-map for you. It’s simple, because you can do it without any plugin at all. You will need: search being enabled in your blog, […]


LEUCHTTURM1917 vs. Moleskine – ultimate, final battle ;)

So, you are thinking which calendar should you pick for a coming year. In my case, I was always struggling whether I should pick Leuchtturm1917 or whether I should stick to Moleskine. I admit, this review is little bit biassed as I use Moleskine calendars for quite some time already. However, it has some objective […]


Instrumenting JNI based code using Instruments.app

This time, I will sneak peek memory allocations that are leaking from within JNI based code.


Using XCode for JNI development (Objective-C)

There is a new video at my YouTube channel – JNI Cookbook. This time, I am focusing on XCode and JNI based development. I am setting up JNI based code (written in Objective-C) that spawns new JVM and calls custom class through it.


Running JNI based code inside XCode

Sometimes you want to run JNI based code inside XCode – e.g. in case when your C/Objective-C/C++ code is based on some Java library. It’s both simple and little bit confusing to get JNI running in XCode – you have to make sure to set few things before proceeding. 1. Getting source code In this […]


Setting up googletest on macOS

I am making strong assumption that you have XCode and Command Line Tools installed. First of all, you need CMake. I prefer installation from the sources, so I go this way. Make sure to have $HOME/opt/usr/local/bin on your PATH. After you have CMake in place, you can build googletest. And now, you can test the […]


Installing boost at macOS

Installation of Boost at macOS is quite simple.


libjansi.jnilib cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified – macOS 10.15

If you can see this error: “libjansi.jnilib” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified – while working on macOS 10.15 (screen shoot looks like this) it means you probably have issues with libjansi coming from Apache Maven. Make sure to upgrade to version apache-maven-3.6.2. ———— Update ———— In fact, you can do better […]


macOS 10.15 – directory size in CLI

There is this interesting article about using NCurses Disk Usage in Arch Linux – you can find here: Cleaning root partition on Linux. I definitely prefer to stick to macOS, so I have decided to get it running from iTerm2. It’s really simple. All you have to do is to (as with other samples you […]


macOS Catalina and VirtualBox issues

I had this strange issue with VirtualBox. There was this crash solution that worked for me follows source: https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=95041


macOS Mojave – make sure your system is safe
updated for ClamAV release 0.101.4

If you want to make sure that your macOS High Sierra is clean (when it comes to malicious software) you can use free tool (free as in beer and free as in speech – at the same time) called ClamAV. You can get it various ways. You can download it’s commercial version from AppStore – […]


_JAVA_OPTIONS will not always work for your Java code

It’s good to know, that _JAVA_OPTIONS will not always work in your Java code. Especially, when you elevate privileges using sudo. Let’s say we have this simple code and we run it following way As you can see, in case of second execution _JAVA_OPTIONS were not picked up. The reason for not picking it up […]


The submit token is NOT YOUR LOGIN PASSWORD.

If you are trying to submit your solution using sbt, like this. you might find this one a solution for you. Start sbt, and run submit from there.


sign_and_send_pubkey: no mutual signature supported – macOS 10.14

Just add this one inside ~/.ssh/config.


And Now for Something Completely Different – Zbudzone furie

The dusk was repeating them in a persistent whisper all around us, in a whisper that seemed to swell menacingly like the first whisper of a rising wind. ‘The horror! The horror!’


And Now for Something Completely Different – Upadłe anioły

Jedyne co mogę powiedzieć na temat tej książki, to: a = g⋅sinα


Kindle Paperwhite and hard space issue

Recently I have encountered quite frustrating issue with Kindle Paperwhite (3rd) and hard spaces inside Mobi document. At the same time (while buying the book) I have download three, different, formats: epub, Mobi and RTF. All of these have hard spaces all over the place in document. However, there is a slight difference in the […]


Samsung and scanning to PDF in macOS Mojave

… is broken. There is no way to use default Image Capture application with Samsung SCX-4500W printer. However, there is hope :) You can download Samsung Easy Document Creator from here: link. Please note that Samsung line of printers was acquired by HP – this is why you have to download application from HP’s pages. […]


How to get JAR location from JNI