I don’t understand import settings in Music app

I don’t understand CD import settings in Music app at all :(

So, I was importing the great Mezzanine into my Music library

and whenever I tried, there were issues with Group Four and (Exchange). There were terrible scratches and glitches while playing it on my Sony Walkman. As always, the hardware was first to blame ;) However, it turned out that imported songs (inside Music) make exactly the same noises. So, I have given it a try with a different codec (maybe MP3 will do better).

and, to my surprise – it did. There were no scratches at all. Now, this was a surprise. Why the hell MP3 performs better comparing to ALAC?

Just to give it another try, I switched back to ALAC but this time without a support for error correction.

And, again to my surprise, this time it was imported as expected. Still, I have no idea why something that should improve things makes them worse :) This is probably yet another mystery of a yet another software product :)

Basically, the blame game after hearing the glitches, followed the path :)

1. I hate Bluetooth - it is always failing at some point, let's switch to jack
2. I hate mp3 players with Android - this stuff always gets cluttered at some point
3. Hm, strange, I hate Music, it doesn't rip the CD the same way as CD player plays it
4. Hm, strange, I hate ALAC it is worse than MP3
5. Strange, it works eventually, and the "make errors disappear" checkbox is to blame :)