Getting T* Done – Thunderbird settings

There is one thing I need to say about GTD setup based on folders – it’s utterly stupid. At least when it comes to e-mails.


Getting T* Done – pure text [Sublime Text] without plugins

As you already know, I have just read two, GTD related (Getting Things Done), books. You can find my “reviews” here and there. I have decided to give it a try – once again


And Now for Something Completely Different – Kierunek jakosc

Gadu, gadu – nocą, Baju, baju – w dzień


JVM – the sea of tools

Sometimes it’s hard to remember all of them


Sometimes, there is a daemon inside me

And I simply can not help it.


Unexpected promotion :)

That’s what I call unexpected promotion ;)


And Now for Something Completely Different –
– Z proca na olbrzyma

Pozytywne zaskoczenie


And Now for Something Completely Different –
-Getting Things Done Workbook

The better explanation of GTD


And Now for Something Completely Different –
-Higiena mordercy

Scieg prowadzony niespotykanie grubymi nicmi. Musialo sie rozejsc.


And Now for Something Completely Different –
-Getting Things Done

300 pages discussing “the diagram”


And Now for Something Completely Different –
– Jak pobrac certyfikat COVID-19 dla dziecka

Trochę mi to zajęło, ale koniec końców się udało :)


IT meet-ups – there are better alternatives

I think I have attended enough number of meet-ups to call it a day.


Minecraft 1.17 and Java related issues

After recent upgrade, I have experienced few, small, issues related to Java version incompatibility.


Distraction free screen saver – macOS

From time to time I really have to focus on things that are outside of the computer – chapter in a book, an article, some sort of a report.


In case you have no idea what to read next …

The list of the books, I want to share with you, is totally unordered, it has no special meaning, there is no hidden key.


Certbot and Tomcat

Let’s say you have a domain host.domain.pl and you want to run Tomcat with SSL certificate.


And Now for Something Completely Different –
Szkice z filozofii glupoty

Idealne wyczucie czasu :)


New font for the JNI Cookbook Redux cover

I am jumping between fonts from time to time. This time, the cover was changed a little bit – it uses now Source Code Pro.


GNU GPL version 2 – shortest code contest

If you are looking for a shortest, GNU GPL v.2 licensed code, I guess this one is quite a good candidate Well, this one is even shorter ;)


Become a Certified Java Developer for $25

Just in case you haven’t seen it yet – Oracle runs Java 25th Anniversary promotion.