And Now for Something Completely Different – Allegro Tech Meeting 2021

Pozytywne zaskoczenie


macOS – my volume is soo high!

If you suffer from really high volume of your headphones (while listening to music on macOS) try this. Lower you volume down to zero using Volume Down button. Once sound is set to 0 press Mute button. It will bring volume back, however, with much lower level comparing to pressing Volume Up. Alternatively, press shift […]


Nasty issue with CAPTCHA on self hosted Bitbucket

Recently I had this nasty issue related to Bitbucket


Damn you macOS Big Sur! I am THE administrator :)

I am puzzled. I have no idea whom should I contact in this case. I am THE administrator :)


And Now for Something Completely Different – Promising Young Woman

Bittersweet symphony


Nobody expects tmux on Mars

There is always this issue, when it comes to computers. How should you show that computers are busy bees while some tragedy is happening at the same time? I guess, SNL got it right – Chad on Mars.


And Now for Something Completely Different – Halny

Tropami Masłowskiej, ale wrażliwość nie ta


Rush to buy Nevermind …

it will be withdrawn from the shops, soon ;)


I don’t read reviews anymore

Reviews are broken.


It took me only 6 years to reach 10k bar

It took me only 6 years to reach 10k bar on stackoverflow


How to reinitialize Git repository

In case you need to reinitialize your Git repository. These are the steps to follow.


And Now for Something Completely Different –
– Aniolowie umieraja od naszych ran

Możliwość arcydziełności. Potencjalność plagiatowości. Eh!


Reading books – you are doing it wrong

You are reading books in an incorrect way, and here is why.


And Now for Something Completely Different – Wrog doskonaly

Taki jakby Fight Club, tyle ze inaczej, ale oglada sie przyjemnie


Bez obiadu nie robie

I nawet AI może w myślach odpłynąć w kierunku obiadu, gdy na głodnego kazali jej dodawać napisy


Purpose of the abstraction

The purpose of abstraction is not to be vague


Thunderbird and disappearing tags inside inbox

So, I have decided to upgrade my inbox handling a little bit and created number of new tags. And it didn’t worked as expected.


Getting T* Done – Thunderbird settings

There is one thing I need to say about GTD setup based on folders – it’s utterly stupid. At least when it comes to e-mails.


Getting T* Done – pure text [Sublime Text] without plugins

As you already know, I have just read two, GTD related (Getting Things Done), books. You can find my “reviews” here and there. I have decided to give it a try – once again


And Now for Something Completely Different – Kierunek jakosc

Gadu, gadu – nocą, Baju, baju – w dzień