Sony Walkman NW-A306 and missing album art (cover)
in ALAC files imported from Music

I guess, this is something everybody struggles with. After ripping CD, getting cover artwork and putting files into Walkman there is no art cover on a device.

It looks like Music (iTunes) and NW-A306 don’t go well together. However, there is a solution :)

Let’s say you want to import Mezzanine by Massive Attack to Music. This is pretty simple, just put CD into Super Drive, choose to import – that’s it. Now, the bad part kicks in. Once you have copied your files onto Walkman, all the albums are missing the Album Artwork. Even if you have chosen to “Get Album Artwork” in Music. Even if you see the album cover on your album list in Music, it is still missing on the album list of the Walkman.

You can fix that!

— Get Album Artwork —

— Go to the album info —

— Copy image – note red corners around selected image —

— Paste image into Preview —

Save the image as file, eg. ~/Desktop/cover.jpg.

— Select all songs in album and edit info for all of them —

— Confirm editing for all items —

— Once again open Artwork tab – add custom artwork using Add Artwork —

Choose file from the previous step: ~/Desktop/cover.jpg.

— Upload album to Walkman —

Remember to refresh the list of albums inside Walkman application.

— Your album list shows now album covers for ALAC files —