IT meet-ups – there are better alternatives

I think I have attended close to call it enough number of meet-ups so far. Recently I have found this article: Why I Stopped Attending Programming Meet-ups – I think it is pretty close to summing up the idea of meet-ups. I don’t claim I am not going to attend any meet-up ever. I am rather kind of middle way person and I not a fan of definite statements. However, I think that there are way better ways of spending your free time.

If you are kind of person who likes video based content, there is this Full Catalog Access in Coursera where you have a full freedom to choose what you like to learn and when. You can simply do it at your own pace.

On the other hand, if you are one of those book worms who love to read books in high volumes, I am pretty sure what am I talking here about, you should definitely start using learning platform from O’Reilly. You will simply drawn surrounded by the content.

To get yourself moving forward, all you need is a plan. One that will describe steps of your own development :) Once you have it, all the knowledge is out there. Just one, final remark from my side. Make sure to avoid all these so called experts who base their sales on cheap marketing hooks and fancy PR tricks :) Remember, number of likes does not necessarily reflects the quality of the content.