macOS + DENON AH-C830NCW pairing nightmare

Recently I have gone through the 9 levels of pairing hell with macOS 13.5.2 and DENON AH-C830NCW. I have upgraded system to most recent version and suddenly the connection was gone. There was no way to reconnect earphones with the mac.

Here are few useful links that helped me to solve the issue (don’t bother with the order – I have no idea what eventually worked out, I just have given a try to everything below):

– Reset DENON to factory settings: link
– Pair DENON with another device: link
– Only one earphone is working (reset connection between earphones): link

At this point, I was able to sort of connect the earphones. However, the issue was that after just few seconds the connection went down. I was able to sort it out by forgetting the device:

System Settings -> Bluetooth -> DENON AH-C830NCW β“˜ -> Forget This Device ...

At this point, I was able to connect again.