StackOverflow wars – when your life became boring

and you have to express yourself on StackOverflow, it typically means that other users will see the results of your actions in a form of the message

reversal	Voting corrected (learn more)

You can read more about this process here: voting corrected.

Well, why do I write about it? It’s not that I am personally touched by these actions. I have already written about StackOverflow and my personal attachment with this site (a complete lack of it to be precise) here. What I want to stress here is this crazy, utterly broken gamification schema. Sure I use StackOverflow on a daily basis – it is typically my first point of research and development activities (I also use O’Reilly – in my opinion it is way better choice if you want to learn something). However, to avoid all these crazy “little wars”, battles in comments, ego raising, I have dropped posting on StackOverflow and switched to my blog entirely. At least, I am in charge of the content.