You shouldn’t learn Vim for learning’s sake

I can see people around (on various blogs) saying “- I’ve never used Vim before, and it’s so cool. I really have to learn how to use Vim!”.

Just Don’t.

If you are using NetBeans, Visual Studio, Eclipse, keep it that way. Don’t put yourself into this illusive thinking that by starting using Vim you will become some sort of expert or something.

The only situation in which learning Vim may be regarded useful is when you plan to work on CLI – a lot. That’s it. There are no other reasons.

So, ask yourself honestly “- Will I spend 3/4th of my day while working on some remote UNIX machine, using CLI all the time?”. If your answer is “- No, I won’t”, stick to the IDE you already know and don’t waste time on Vim. Learn something else.

However! If you really, really want to learn it. Make sure to look here: Mastering Vim and Learning vi and Vim editors also, take a look at Tuvim ;)

Slightly different point of view: Why Vim?