Working with Algorithms in Python by George T. Heineman


Summary: Python on Her Majesty ‘the Algorithm’ service

This video series is good for you if:

– you switch from other language to Python,
– you already know at least basics of Python (sorry, there is no Python introduction here),
– you are familiar with Python environment (installation, using idle),
– you already have some math and/or computer science basics.

If you are a complete newcomer to computer science, with no background at all – this one can really discourage you.

In addition to the knowledge, you will need:
– money, this course is quite pricy,
– time – you simply need 8h of your time (+ time you need to spend on playing with examples).

Anyway, I still think that this video is definitely worth watching. It will guide you through the most common data structures and algorithms you can find while developing apps. You will also get familiar with some terminology and IT jargon. And, it will definitely help you understand Python while you are in transition from some other language.

And again – this is the place where buying Safari subscription can be better solution for an independent developer.

Product page:

O’Reilly: Working with Algorithms
Safari Books Online: Working with Algorithms