Velocity Conference 2011: Complete Video Compilation

Summary:Speed up? Yes, you can!

Velocity Conference 2011 is all about “web speed”. Speed in various contexts. How fast your page is loading, how to measure it, which tools to use in order to measure traffic, how to deal with statistics in context of log file analysis, how to apply tricks that will increase the efficiency of your solution, how to deal with data, etc. Basically, how to make things happen faster. Velocity Conference took place at Santa Clara few week ago, however, thanks to the Velocity Conference 2011: Complete Video Compilation, you can experience it even now. At least at some point.

I was interested mostly in two topics. Mobile development and log analysis using statistics. Here, I have found few sessions that were really great to listen to. First one, “Look at your data” by John Rauser is a gentle introduction to statistics. In fact, he tells why should you take a closer look at the statistics in context of log data analysis. In fact it is simpler than you thought. It is more than enough to use R and read few books that will provide you with an introduction to statistics. This way, you can easily leverage your log analysis and move it to entirely new level. Another interesting talk was “10 Tricks for Mobile Performance” by Josh Fraser. I am just starting with mobile development and it was nice to watch how other people deal with it.

When it comes to the quality of the material – it’s perfect. There are no issues neither with voice nor video. Whole thing is well edited and very well prepared. Basically, you almost feel like being there. When it comes to the sessions, quality of material depends on the speaker. There are few sessions that didn’t attract me because of the way material was presented. Some of them, contrary, caught my attention even though I was not quite interested in the topic at first place. Price is the only stopper here. But, it might be that it is worth to pay for not being forced to reinvent the wheel, and learn on somebody else’s mistakes instead.

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