Things – story of abandoning application over one night

Long long time ago in galaxy far away I have bought Things – for both, my Mac and iOS devices. And I was very pleased using it (in fact, you can find it serving as a background at one of the pictures in the gallery at my blog). Anyway, I was using it constantly all the way during projects.


The key point here is to give you small background on my task management. I am one of these guys who still uses hand writing a lot, I am huge fan of Moleskine and pens (especially Parkers and Pelikans). However, Things were one of these applications that have made me go digital. So, there I was working with Things all the time. I loved local synchronization between my Mac and iPod, everything was perfect until clouds came. This was something, I simply couldn’t accept. Over one night, I have completely removed all my notes, projects, todos, ideas from the digital era, and went back to paper one.


The key factor to do so was “cloud”. Don’t get me wrong. I think that clouds are cool, but I simply don’t trust them. I don’t like the idea of keeping my sensitive date “somewhere”.

I do believe in corporate clouds, where company creates cloud and manage it. I even believe in clouds that are bought buy companies and managed by somebody. But I don’t trust “personal clouds”, where you simply agree to all the licenses saying “you can trust us, you can believe us, but in case anything goes wrong we are out of the scope of legal case”.

So, basically, I don’t store _any_ sensitive data outside my personal storage. Well, maybe with exception to gmail, but I think this is going to change soon as well. You will be able to read that in some other post of mine.