The Twitter Book, 2nd Edition by Tim O’Reilly, Sarah Milstein

Summary: Comprehensive introduction to Twitter

Tweet 1: Interested in Twitter’s features? Don’t know where to start? Should look at @timoreilly and @sarahm book. The Twitter Book.

Tweet 2: Nice structure, guides via all these RTs, MTs, @s, #es, and all the basics related to Twitter’s jargon. Don’t know why 140 is the limit?

Tweet 3: Helps to find useful tools (both web and desktop/mobile based), people, and to build good profile. Don’t know who should you connect to?

Tweet 4: Simple content. Simple language. Loots of examples. Sometime too basic content though.

Tweet 5: Good for people interested in using Twitter as yet another communication channel.

Tweet 6: You will enjoy the book while reading. One evening is more than enough to go through ;)

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Amazon (in Books): The Twitter Book
Amazon (Kindle): The Twitter Book