The Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun

Summary: free yourself from prejudices

Scott takes you in a journey over the ideas you probably well known but was not aware of details. He goes though the history of innovation,
shows us some interesting examples and provides with entertainment. I lack better proven, well formed references thou – especially when it comes to Philosophy – I think Scott’s analogies are to shallow in few places. On the other hand, this book should entertain you – it’s obvious you will not get an answer how to create good idea. One of my teachers told us a joke once – how to build financial empire? Well it’s simple, create popular product and logo – like Coca-Cola – and you are set. That’s more or less the book is about. It shows how great inventions were created, how they were born and brought to us by inventors who were quite often rejected by others. Descrates wrote once: “it is necessary to reject everything that raises doubts in order to left only pure truth”. I think, this idea remains somewhere in the background throughout all the book. If you really want to be outstanding person, you can’t think like others do – you have to reject what you have been told, and do your things. Then, with little luck, you might become real inventor.

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