TextMate2 – I am slowly moving towards it

I have installed TextMate2 as soon as it became available. At first, it didn’t amassed me. It was simply lying around in Applications directory waiting for the better times.

For a last few days, however, I started to use it more intensively, and … I am pretty happy with it. In fact, I am starting to use it more frequently then TextMate1. The best thing is that I was able easily put Bundles from TextMate 1 into TextMate 2 and they seem to work just fine (e.g. Groovy bundle).

Another thing is that I start to like it’s new way of files organization – based purely on directories. Maybe the one thing I miss is are project files. But you can survive without them.

Note! There is a cool page devoted to TextMate2 advanced settings: http://wiki.macromates.com/FAQ/TextMate2ExpertPreferences. Make sure to check it out!