Supercommunicator: Explaining the Complicated So Anyone Can Understand by Frank J. Pietrucha


Summary: Gives a small handful of advices on how to communicate

This is one of these books where you get good advice on how to perform well when communicating things. I fully agree with Frank on how much important is the message. I fully agree on choosing right tools, right way of approaching the audience, but I missed that in the book itself. All these ideas are rather presented than discussed. There are statements but with not too much of critique. And that’s what I have missed most.

For people who are really new to the topic this is a nice starter. For people who are in the subject, most of the concept are already known.

This book has rather light approach and will not require full attention from you all the time.

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O’Reilly (print): Supercommunicator
Safari Books Online: Supercommunicator