So, you are telling me that you can distinguish colors ;)

Colors can be source of real fight between people. There is even dedicated chapter related to colors in book “Jak przestałem kochać design” by Marcin Wicha. If you want people to kill you, try the list below whenever you want to apply small changes to web page UI ;)

> colors()
  [1] "white"                "aliceblue"            "antiquewhite"         "antiquewhite1"       
  [5] "antiquewhite2"        "antiquewhite3"        "antiquewhite4"        "aquamarine"          
  [9] "aquamarine1"          "aquamarine2"          "aquamarine3"          "aquamarine4"         
 [13] "azure"                "azure1"               "azure2"               "azure3"              
 [17] "azure4"               "beige"                "bisque"               "bisque1"             
 [21] "bisque2"              "bisque3"              "bisque4"              "black"               
 [25] "blanchedalmond"       "blue"                 "blue1"                "blue2"               
 [29] "blue3"                "blue4"                "blueviolet"           "brown"               
[625] "thistle"              "thistle1"             "thistle2"             "thistle3"            
[629] "thistle4"             "tomato"               "tomato1"              "tomato2"             
[633] "tomato3"              "tomato4"              "turquoise"            "turquoise1"          
[637] "turquoise2"           "turquoise3"           "turquoise4"           "violet"              
[641] "violetred"            "violetred1"           "violetred2"           "violetred3"          
[645] "violetred4"           "wheat"                "wheat1"               "wheat2"              
[649] "wheat3"               "wheat4"               "whitesmoke"           "yellow"              
[653] "yellow1"              "yellow2"              "yellow3"              "yellow4"             
[657] "yellowgreen"