slide:ology by Nancy Duarte

Summary: How to improve your slides

If you are looking for some guide on how to improve your presentations’ content, look no more. I think, this book is exactly what you are looking for. In fact, it’s more an album than a book. Together with information come useful examples that show how to apply concepts presented in the book.

What I really liked in the book are the ideas behind well designed presentations. Suggestions, that you can find there, are not only for people who can make nice looking graphics. Regular mortals can benefit from it as well. For example, I really enjoyed examples of simple graphs. These graphics are really useful for people who are not into graphics. Description of the basics concepts of slides (how to define the audience, how to approach the topic, how to split the information) are also very useful. Especially for people who start their experience with public speaking.

I know that after reading this book you may feel little bit depressed as you probably won’t be able to produce that kind of beautiful graphics and layouts – I can’t either. But still, I am more than sure that book is worth reading. If you ever thought it is not possible to make interesting presentations you will be show that it is possible – you simply have to design it correctly.

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