Samsung SCX-4500W – network scanner and Mac OSX issues

I was struggling with Samsung SCX-4500W scanner configuration for a while. Currently I am using two, separate networks: and 10.0.0.x. While most of my machines are connected to 10.0.0.x network, scanner is connected to other one –

Additionally, serves as a gateway to the outside world. Now comes a trick. If you are using inner network you won’t be able to find the scanner for the first time. Scanner driver is able to locate the scanner only within the same network (even though you specify IP address directly).

In order to solve this issue, you have to change your network for a while (at the machine that is supposed to see the scanner), install scanner by starting Image Capture application, scan some pictures, and disconnect from the network. Now, even though you are in the different network you will be able to see the scanner.

This is somehow tricky and I am not sure yet whether this is router or scanner driver related issue.