Practical Change Management for IT Projects by Emily Carr


Summary: Oriented on huge organisations

Change, in every organization, is just a matter of time and it’s good to be prepared for it. In that respect I think it is definitely worth to read Change managament. You will, at least, know some factors that may influence the process. However, don’t expect to become change expert (the point here is that topic is huge). I think you will end up with the idea where to start rather than with ready solutions how to make all things work. But, this is complex topic and, for sure, it’s good to know at least the starting point. Here come my remarks on what can you expect from the book:

– rather broad overview of the change process
– book is focused on large organizations. If you work for one of the Top 500 companies, go ahead, read it. Contrary, If you don’t have ten dozen departments in your business, well, lots of topics will be out of your scope
– book itself seems to be a lecture/train session companion rather than a self sustained material. You can get the feeling especialy in exercise sections where you have to do something but there is noone to judge your solutions (and I am not a fan of “do what you feel the best is” approach)
– it’s good that book focuses on communication. This is realy important factor and you have to be aware of it. I know that IT people are sometimes hard to communicate with. Showing IT nerdes that proper talking and communicating the change can make more than implementing new, super, duper system is a must
– communication may vary depending on levels within organization – you must be aware of this and you can find some remarks on that
– book is definitely for managers rather than engineers. If you are not involved into management – don’t buy this one
– on the other hand, if you are the one who will be involved into change management, consider reading this one

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