Polycom m100 and router configuration for correct port forwarding (NAT) – no audio, no video

In case you want to use Polycom m100 through the LiveBox, you have to set it up correctly. You can tell that you have incorrect settings if you get following message:

“A firewall on the computer or network may be blocking the audio and video sent from the far end. Please read the trouble shooting in help and adjust the firewall settings to allow inbound audio and video”

Simply playing with firewall settings is not enough here. You have to properly configure your network connection between your PC and the router.

1. You have to forward following ports – make sure to set port forwarding from your LiveBox to your Windows machine:

389 TCP
1718-1719 UDP
1720 TCP
1731 TCP
3230-3237 UDP
5060 TPC/UDP

2. You have to use Nat based connection in Polycom

Menu -> 
  Preferences -> 
    Call Settings

[x] Use NAT Public (WAN) Address: [This is the WAN address of your ADSL connection]

You can get this address from LiveBox:

LiveBox -> 
  support -> 
    advanced support & customer support -> 
      information system -> 
        WAN IP address [xxx.yyy.zzz.vvv]

You have to set WAN address in Polycom settings

3. You have to make sure to use static IP address at your Windows machine

a) set the static address in LiveBox’es DNS settings. Get your PC’s MAC Address and set the static IP Address in LiveBox preferences

Livebox -> 
  network -> 
    advanced settings -> 
      network -> 
        DHCP -> 
          static IP address (enter new entry here)

b) Set the static address of your internet connection (Windows)

Control Panel -> 
  Network and Internet (View network status and tasks) -> 
    Change adapter settings (on the left) -> 
      Right-click your current connection -> 
        Properties -> 
          Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) -> 
            Properties -> 
              Use the following IP address (type in network all the network settings)

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anonymousJuly 17th, 2012 at 12:36 pm

Nice article. MAY save me a lot of work. At least I now have another source to point IT people at to prove it’s not just me being “difficult” Thx Pete

anonymousJuly 17th, 2012 at 12:49 pm

No problem Pete. I am glad this post saved somebody’s else time and effort.