Oracle JRockit by Marcus Hirt and Marcus Lagergren

Summary: Very comprehensive, but demanding

This book has really impressed me. It goes into deep details of JVM and describes different approaches to various topics related to memory management, threads management, code analysis, subtle details within low level code that are the result of optimization. Authors really dive into details. What’s more important, this book could still surprise long time developer like me myself. I have found few, really interesting ideas in terms of memory optimization and threads management. Even though book covers JRockit, you can still get a loot of information related to JVMs in general.

Apart from JVM itself, book covers very comprehensively benchmarking, JRockit Mission Control, runtime analyzer and memory leak detector. And this is done really good. You get like 250 pages of knowledge related to code analysis, JRockit’s tools usage and useful ideas from the authors.

What’s important here is that JRockit is already one of the Oracle’s platforms and even more important is the fact it will be partially integrated into Java 1.8. That said, it’s worth to become more familiar with it if you consider yourself a serious Java developer.

Just one remark on the content. This book can be sometimes demanding as authors dive deep into assembler code level. So, it’s rather recommended for engineers or people who are familiar with this kind of details.

Highly recommended.

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Amazon (in Books): Oracle JRockit: The Definitive Guide
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