NetCAT 11.0

So, NetCAT 11.0 has started


If you want to register, take a look here: NetCAT 11.0 Participants

Get the stuff

If you are looking for development version of NetBeans (current version is 11.0-vc4) – take a look here: 11.0-vc1, 11.0-vc2, 11.0-vc3, 11.0-vc4.

You will need JVM to run things

If you are looking for preferred JVM release, take a look here: JDK 12, JDK 11

If you want to download GlassFish, make sure to check out this one: GlassFish

Are you looking towards Web based developments?

WildFly can be found here: WildFly

If you plan to test Profiler, take a look here

If you plan to use Docker based tests for FTP and Profiler, make sure to download Docker: Download Docker

Do some tests

Test specification: Tests

Reporting bugs: JIRA based tracker for NetBeans