NetBeans 7.0 and NetCAT 7.0

NetBeans 7.0 is finally released !! You can find it at This is really nice Java development tool. I advocate NetBeans for (at least) last five, six, years whenever I am involved into Java development, but recently I decided to take part in NetCAT 7.0 program. It was devoted to getting NetBeans better and better through very extensive testing and bug hunting. I am astonished with the approach that was proposed within NetCAT 7.0 program. I got so exited about the NetCAT idea that I have finally found myself to be one of most active members within the program. You can find results here. There are few topics worth mentioning when it comest to NetCAT program itself.

First of all there is this “tribe” concept, where people gather around particular functionalities. This is really nice approach, as groups ~5 people are most effective when it comes to solve issues. You don’t have communication overhead while at the same time you can benefit from knowledge of all tribe members.

There are, so called, sanity tests that allow you to confirm that product is still in good shape after introducing new features. You have mailing list and periodical newsletters that keep you informed regarding what happens within the project. So, basically, communication, communication, and once again communication. This is very close to a paradigm that I adore – communication plus pragmatic approach gives you best results. What is important here is that most of the information was transferred through electronic channels (Skype, e-mail list, web sites, etc.). There were no boring meetings, no long, pointless discussions. Just plane, simple, definition of tasks and verification of results.

As I already said, I am astonished with this approach. This was really nice experience. Thanks go to Jiří Kovalský who lead the NetCAT 7.0. It was really nice project!! Thanks!!