MySQL Cookbook by Paul DuBois


Summary: Size that can kill when dropped on your head

This is a very heavy volume, real cookbook that contains lots of recipes related to MySQL. What makes this book different from other SQL books is that it focuses on certain, day to day, topics. This is not an easy go for beginners. Even though back cover says so, I’d argue. In my opinion, beginner has no chance here as he/she will fail at very beginning while trying to create tutorial database. Anyway, even though book requires some experience it can still serve as a handy tool for experienced users – typically you don’t remember all the odds and ends of MySQL (e.g. date manipulation, string related issues, exporting data, joins – why they are making people suffer).

Just one remark on the content. It is really Linux/OS X oriented. Everything is done in CLI. Another drawback of the book is that it is “chaotic” when you try to read it cover to cover. Unfortunately, this book is not meant to be read this way.

If you plan to buy eBook – head for PDF instead of Kindle edition. Kindle edition has lots of flaws related to formatting and broken references (e.g. recipes numbers in references are empty).

And yes, this is true that most of the information in this book can be found on stackoverflow. Question is, whether you prefer to dig through posts or to have solutions on your desk.

Product page:

O’Reilly (print): MySQL Cookbook
O’Reilly (e-book): MySQL Cookbook