mwm confing for people who like minimalism during remote work

Here comes my supper ascetic ~/.mwmrc I use on regular basis.

Menu RootMenu
  "Root Menu"          f.title
  "Terminal - urxvt"   f.exec "/afs/ &"
  "Terminal - Konsole" f.exec "/opt/trinity/bin/konsole &"
  "Shuffle Up"         f.circle_up
  "Shuffle Down"       f.circle_down
  "Refresh"            f.refresh
  no-label             f.separator
  "Restart..."         f.restart
  no-label             f.separator
  "Quit..."            f.quit_mwm

Buttons DefaultButtonBindings
  <Btn1Down>    icon  | frame  f.raise
  <Btn2Down>    icon    f.post_wmenu
  <Btn3Down>    root RootMenu
  Alt<Btn1Down> window| icon   f.move

Keys DefaultKeyBindings
  Alt<Key>Escape             root|icon|window        f.next_key
  Alt Shift<Key>Escape       root|icon|window        f.prev_key

and ~/.Xresources as well

Mwm*useIconBox: True
Mwm*keyboardFocusPolicy: explicit
Mwm*raiseKeyFocus: true

And here is the resulting MWM session :)