MuteMyMic 1.5 promo – 10 promo codes

There is a chance to get MuteMyMic (you can find MuteMyMic at MacUpdate or AppStore) license for free. Here’s a deal.

I will draw 10 people from the pool of comments that will be added to this post. If you want to get a chance to win MuteMyMic promo code you have to join me on Twitter ( and add comment below this post.

Comments should be related to MuteMyMic – feel free to comment on any feature that is missing. You can also say what’s annoying in the app or how would like to have it extended. If you think the app is already perfect, fell free to say that loud ;)

Where’s the catch? Well … there is no catch, really. I simply want to make 10 people happy.

Conditions. In order to get a chance for getting the promo license:

1. Follow me at Twitter – mkowsiak (if you already do so, that’s fine)
2. Comment on MuteMyMic just below this post. Note – it doesn’t matter whether you think it’s superb or just moderate. Simply state your feelings about it. I reserve the right to edit or remove comments that will be somewhat offending. However, you will still get the license.
3. If you already bought MuteMyMic that’s perfectly fine to comment as well. You will simple get the code that you can pass to your friend.

So, it’s your turn!

Promo ends 28.01.2012 (20:00 CET)