MuteMyMic – nasty bug in 1.9 version

Recently, it turned out that nasty bug was posted into 1.9 version.

This is related to new feature implemented in MMM 1.9 – cough button. This feature is experimental one, and can be activated by Ctrl + F5 combination. It will mute the mic as long as you keep the combination pressed.

Unfortunately, this feature requires “Enable access for assistive devices” to be enabled:

In case “access for assistive devices” is disabled, MuteMyMic finishes it’s execution with ugly bug :(

This is already fixed and will be corrected in 1.9.1 version. This version will be available as soon as it gets through the Apple Store review process.

This bug shouldn’t have made it to the release in a first place, but it did. Sorry for all the inconvenience.