Motif – it’s still usable :)

Recently I was looking for a very fast and very simple window manager that can be used over VNC (with depth 8) so I can save as much as possible in bandwidth and remote computations. I have decided to go with mwm. Yes, with good old Motif. As soon as I did it, I had to make few changes. I wanted to change default applications that are started when vncserver is initiated, I wanted some changes inside Root Menu, and some modifications of default key bindings. After long, long search in google galaxy I have found Motif’s Holly Grail :) 20 years old book from O’Reilly. Just take a look below at the “precious”. Fortunately you can browse the whole content of it from O’Reilly’s page.


Note! I was too quick. When I started to browse for particular topics, it turned out that parts of the book are not available online :(