McCullough and Berglund on Mastering Advanced Git

Summary: Everything you always wanted to know about Git

… but were afraid to ask

This is next video on Git by Matthew and Tim. And they are coming back in a good form. This material cover the topics that are not quite typical in day to day development, I’d say. You might really consider them advanced. As I am entirely fresh to Git, I had to watch the previous material, “McCullough and Berglund on Mastering Git”, as well. This is because, Matthew and Tim do not elaborate here about the basics. They dive into more complex usage of Git straight from the start.

First of all, the kudos for improving tutorial sessions. If you step back to the Video they have made in 2011 you will notice few drawbacks. Terminal screens are not well visible and it is hard to reproduce the CLI commands that are executed by Mat and Tim. Sometimes, they type so quickly that you have to actually rewind the video. This was the past. They have listened to suggestions and reshaped the tutorial. Now, you get this nice, split terminal window (iTerm, I think) where you can see everything clear. There are slides with command lines that will be executed in a next step, everything is full screen so you don’t have to focus your vision on a part of the screen. Big plus here!

What are the disadvantages? Well, this is like with anything else at master level. It might be you won’t use this knowledge in your day to day work all time. If you are coming from SVN world, you will probably stick to old good master repository schema and you will push everything compulsory to keep synchronized as often as possible. Don’t get me wrong here. I simply suggest following. If you just starting the adventure with Git, I’d suggest trying “Mastering Git”. It will provide you with the basics and you will be able to get on track really fast. On the other hand, if you are familiar with Git already, but you still have issues with branching, merging and rewriting history – give a try to “Mastering Advanced Git”.

Putting aside my SVN oriented thinking, I have to admit that tutorial is a fine piece of really good work.

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