Mastering Vim – Understanding Vim’s Lesser-Known Features for More Effective Editing by Damian Conway


Summary: Takes every average Vim user few steps forward

There is huge chance that you are reading this review because you are looking for some advanced features in Vim. And, most probably, you are a regular Vim user that already knows few things about it. Typical movements, jumping between words, selecting and yanking simple text regions. This is enough to get work done, but if you are looking for a shortcut to accelerate in Vim, this video is for you. Well structured, very concise and extremely well delivered.

I am sure that you will be amazed with unlimited undo section and the ability of Vim to persist undos and jump over editing timeline with huge flexibility. I bet you will benefit, right after watching, from advanced searches and replacements. I can guarantee that you will have huge temptation to get Damian’s .vimrc straight away into yours as soon as you finish the whole series.

Huge plus for all additional materials that come with the video course: vimrc, examples, summary of Vim’s expressions, and all the commands used over the course. This way you can save lots of time. Instead of digging through the video once again, you can simply take a look at the list of all samples used in the video.

Just one advice from my side – keep your Vim close to you while watching video and you will be able to experiment as soon as you watch particular section.

I’d definitely suggest this one to people who know Vim’s basics and want to get something more out of it.

Product page:

O’Reilly (video): Mastering Vim – Understanding Vim’s Lesser-Known Features for More Effective Editing

Best quotes:

“And so, what you can do with that, is you can say – Well, this whole buffer was not so horrible messed up five minutes ago”


“so very nearly right but not entirely”