macOS – how to get familiar with VIM

If you have never ever worked with CLI (on macOS) I suggest to start with iTerm2: I just want you to know, this is my personal view, that iTerm2 is way better comparing to default Terminal – one that you can find inside /Applications/Utilities/

If you have never ever worked with VIM before, I strongly suggest to go through VIM tutorial. Start terminal application, and simply type vimtutor.

> vimtutor

You will find there lots of basics related to VIM: how to move around in the text, how to quit, how to edit and delete text, etc.

Just one comment from my side. Make sure to get familiar with lesson №1.2

Lesson 1.2: EXITING VIM

otherwise, you might get stuck forever ;)

After going through all the basics, I suggest jumping here: I am pretty sure, you will find this video very comprehensive. It covers lots of fancy features available in VIM.