macOS and VMware Tools for Ubuntu
– sharing files between host and guest system

You can share your macOS directories between your host system and guest system while running VMFusion.

In my case, the easiest way to do it was as follows.

Download VMware Tools

You can download it here: VMware tools

Unpack the archive

After unpacking the archive you will find structure like this

|-- floppies
|   |-- pvscsi-Windows2008.flp
|   |-- pvscsi-Windows8.flp
|   `-- pvscsi-WindowsVista.flp
`-- vmtools
    |-- buildNumber.txt
    |-- isoimages_manifest.txt
    |-- isoimages_manifest.txt.sig
    |-- linux.iso
    |-- linux.iso.sha
    |-- linux.iso.sig
    |-- linux_avr_manifest.txt
    |-- linux_avr_manifest.txt.sig
    |-- version.txt
    |-- windows.iso
    |-- windows.iso.sha
    |-- windows.iso.sig
    |-- windows_avr_manifest.txt
    `-- windows_avr_manifest.txt.sig

Mount the iso file

Open VMware Fussion and make sure to mount linux.iso to your Ubuntu based VM.

Once you have selected ISO image, make sure to perform Connect CD/DVD

You should be able to see your newly mounted VMware Tools CD

Install tools

Open terminal application and run sudo su -. This way, you will become root. Now, you can create directory inside ~root and install tools.

> sudo su -
> mkdir install_vmware_tools
> cd install_vmware_tools
> find /media -name "VMwareTools*" -exec cp {} . \;
> find . -name "VMwareTools*" -exec tar -zxf {} \;
> cd vmware-tools-distrib
> ./

Proceed with installation until it is finished. Once it’s done, restart your VM machine.

Share the directory

Inside VM preferences, make sure to share directory between host and guest systems.

Inside /mnt/ you will be able to see the files you have shared between systems.