jEdit vs. TextMate (MacOSX)

I am still evaluating both editors – I have already paid for TextMate – question is: was it worth buying? I am starting to think it was not :(

So far, I am quite happy with jEdit, with following plugins:

– Buffer Selector

Maybe jEdit is not that beautiful as TextMate is but it does what it is meant to do – it edits files quite well (and it can make my XML files look nice: Plugins -> XML -> Indent file).

update: finally, I have decided to purchase TextMate – it’s quite expensive but I think it’s worth the price. What I like within TextMate is ability to open directory within TextMate – this way you get all the files within directory available as project. Another great feature is ability to open multiple files from CLI.

mate file_1 file_2 file_3