Programming iOS 6, 3rd Edition by Matt Neuburg


Summary: I simply like the style

This is the next release of the series related to iOS Programming. This time, Matt focuses on iOS 6 release. Comparing to previous releases, you will find here information regarding new APIs new configuration settings and new features in XCode 4.X version. This release is focused on LLVM and LLDB as they are de facto standard now – when it comes to XCode. You will also find, at last, some information regarding CoreData. The chapter is not too long, but for people who have never coded using CoreData ever before it will be a good overview. However, if you plan to do some serious CoreData coding, this book is not enough. The same refers to SQLite. There is only one page devoted to this topic in the book. Anyway, I still think this very good book for beginners as it covers most frequently used elements in iOS development and provides gentle introduction to Objective-C based development.

I would suggest to a friend. Definitely.

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O’Reilly (print): Programming iOS 6
O’Reilly (e-book): Programming iOS 6
Amazon (print): Programming iOS 6
Amazon (e-book): Programming iOS 6
Safari Books Online: Programming iOS 6