Intermediate Perl by Randal L. Schwartz, brian d foy, and Tom Phoenix

Summary: Good read, but sometimes too complex

I think this book is really a good read. If you like the style of Learning Perl you will like this book as well. The same, light, approach to quite complex topic. However, this book might be too much for people who use Perl primarily as a tool for quick processing of the text. If you are simply interested in more complex ways of text analysis, you will find them here – for sure. But together with that comes lots of other information that, for me, were of no use because I don’t use Perl as a primary development language. In my case, where Perl is just a supporting language, topics like objects, testing (which is really good if you build more complex code), building modules, contributing to CPAN, etc., are of no use. But still, I think that authors explained them quite well.

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