Indie Game The Movie

If you are involved in software development and haven’t seen this movie yet, you should have.

I generally avoid IT related movies as they simplify things, make them look other way round and teach people that computer is something like this

In the movies, if you try to kill the computer virus, you typically play Pac Man like software that eats other software. In the movies, IT people are always smart but considered strange by environment. Their inner beauty can be only found in the rabbit hole after endless sleepless nights of hacking the system.

Anyway, Indie Game The Movie is totally different story. First of all, this is documentary. Second, it approaches the topic from very personal level. The movie doesn’t focus on how to lead your software team, how to pic the best solutions and how to deal with all that IT stuff. Contrary, it shows that behind software there are people who have their flaws and vulnerabilities.

These are normal people like you and I, and they have a common factor. They want to make things like they want to see them, and they have courage to take the risk to get them done.

There are three products shown in the movie along with the story of creation behind them: Braid, Super Meat Boy and FEZ.


Each story is shown from slightly different perspective and focuses on slightly different aspects of development process. When you watch the movie you literally fell your engagement and you can feel that you really wish these guys all the best.

What I really liked about the movie is that tension was build such way that after watching it I had to immediately check how things worked out for all of the characters in the movie. I will not tell you the ending. Check it out for yourself.

One remark. I highly recommend buying this movie directly from producer’s page – it is DRM free!

And below you can find few links thigh might be of interest of yours:

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Soundtrack: Indie Game: The Movie Soundtrack
Braid (at Amazon): Braid
Braid – Soundtrack: Music from Braid
Super Meat Boy (at Amazon): Super Meat Boy Ultra Edition
Super Meat Boy Soundtrack: Super Meat Boy! – Official Special Edition Soundtrack

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anonymousOctober 15th, 2012 at 3:41 am

Right on! I saw this movie for the first time yesterday and as a home-based developer with 30 yrs of experience, it was just the sort of ‘kick in the pants’ I needed to compare my own war stories with others. It really doesn’t matter that these guys are developing games, or for that matter are programmers/designers. What the movie is all about is chasing a dream to create something, to levels that would drive most people insane or suicidal. It puts their journeys in context with great artists, inventors, playrights, etc. – anyone who suffers for their work. I’ve seen this movie 3 times in the past 48 hours now. And I’ll watch it another 3 times. Each time I get something different out of it. Highly recommended!

anonymousOctober 15th, 2012 at 9:41 am

Thanks for your comment. The movie, indeed, can be watched few times straight.