In case you have no idea what to read next …

The list of the books, I want to share with you, is totally unordered, it has no special meaning, there is no hidden key. I started this list when I realised that my project (JNI Cookbook) has to go through serious cleaning and I decided to tell people there are better books out there to read – instead of JNI Cookbook itself.

Whenever the time for adding a new book to the list comes (it happens once a week), I simply take a brief look at my library and take a random, but sensible, book from the shelf. Then, it ends up on the following list

If you are interested in some ideas of what to read, go ahead and pick something from the list. I think you will be able to find something new, each week, for a quite some time :)

And, in case you don’t know it yet, you have no idea how to read books ;)