Humble Bundle 6 – cool games are awaiting

You can find info related to Humble Bundle 6 here: There are few really, really cool games.

My favorites are: Rochard (I have bought it some time ago right from developers and this one is really a fun), Torchligh – I think I don’t have to explain anything. If you don’t have Torchlight yet, this is the right time to get it. Dustforce – really, really nice platform based game. BIT.TRIP Runner – you will either love it or hate it :) Depends on your skills. I, personally, hate this game! I hate it! Really! I got to the point where I simply can go through ;) The music is just gorgeous.

Anyway, apart from that, you get the soundtrack for nine games. Isn’t that cool?! Yeah, I think so.

So, don’t waste your time and head to Humble Bundle 6.