Head First Python by Paul Barry

Summary: Learn python efficiently

There are two books devoted to Python you can find within Head First series. One of them is related indirectly – Head First Programming, second one is explicitly focused on Python – Head First Python. If you take a look at the content description you will find that some parts of material overlaps. If you ask yourself whether these are two different titles, answer is – yes, these are two different books. Even thou both are devoted to Python, you will find them different. Head First Programming focuses on telling reader what programming is, while Head First Python goes directly into Python related topics. Another benefit of this book is that it touches various aspects of Python usage – application programming, Web development, Mobile development.

What I like in the book is a way things are explained. Head First approach is one of favorite, so I like the book automatically – in a way. On the other hand, I think it could be better bundled with Head First Programming. Both books cover the same topics in few places which makes it questionable to buy both of them. Putting it straight. If you want to focus on Python itself, and you know what programming is all about – Head First Python is a good choice. If you don’t know any programming language or you want to learn programming through the Python, definitely buy Head First Programming instead of this one.

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O’Reilly (print): Head First Python
O’Reilly (e-book): Head First Python
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Amazon (Kindle): Head First Python
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