Great deal with Locko from binarynights

You can get it for just .99$ – harry up!


If you have installed demo version and you have forgotten your master password (as I did) make sure to remove database file before starting Locko again

rm -rf ~/Library/Group Containers/

There is also great Locko manual. You can find it here.

Update: I think that price went back to it’s original level. However, I still think the app is worth the price. Just few of my thoughts after few weeks of using it:

What I like:

– nice integration with Safari – you can simply click the locker icon and user/pass is filled automatically

– Locko provides nice way of storing additional data inside your elements – useful in case of non standard licenses (where you have to store multiple fields)

– Application itself is super simple and easy to use

What is missing:

– integration with ssh (Terminal/iTerm2)

– moving elements between categories (but according to developer this will be implemented in future)

– Status bar vs. Doc – sometimes it’s more convenient to have application at status bar comparing to Doc

If you don’t feel like spending 19$ just for testing is a right price, take a look at demo: