git vs. svn as a NAS storage

As I have made a move from Ubuntu to FreeBSD (while upgrading my NAS server) I have decided I will switch from SVN to Git. Bad idea. At least when it comes to having Git as NAS storage.

Long story short, Git is a completely wrong idea when you want to store:

– huge amount of files
– that are reasonably big

What I have experienced was:

– issues with SHA generation
– issues with commits of huge data blobs (they were disappearing or failing to transfer at all)
– I had to artificially divide adds and commits by directories
– I was unable to upload some of the files (probably due to size – as error messages were failing completely when it comes to descriptiveness)
– I had some issues with some special characters (e.g.: ‘) in file names

Anyway, after few hours of struggling I got back to SVN.

Git, will be used only for source code control and nothing else.