Getting Byword CSS working inside Mou

I really like both these applications. Both have advantages. What I really like about Mou, is it’s clear simultaneous view of Markdown and preview. Byword, on the other hand is more ascetic and “elegant”. Anyway, in my opinion, they both go head to head.

If, for any reason, you would like to use Byword’s CSS inside Mou it is super simple.

1. Download CSS from Byword page

Direct link to ZIP file is below:

2. Unzip the file and put Byword.css inside

~/Library/Application Support/Mou/CSS

3. Since now, after restarting Mou, you can choose Byword theme as well


It is a pity that I can’t make it the other way round :( I’d really like to see Clearness inside Byword.

You can get these apps from here
mou   bw