Essential iOS Build and Release by Ron Roche

Summary: Comprehensive guide to Apple’s provisioning

Note! Before you consider buying this book, make sure you are already a member of iOS Developer Program (program that you have to pay for). If you don’t have it, I’d rather postpone purchase of this title.

When you develop iOS app, there is always a moment when you want to try your application on the device. This is very painful as you have to drop 99$ to be able to do so. You have to buy iOS Developer Program access and go through all the odds and ends related to provisioning. It usually takes like few days, if you do this for the first time.

Ron explicitly tells the reader that he will cover this particular topic only. And I think, this book is the first one on the market to capture issues related to the Apple’s provisioning in quite broad perspective. Apart from that, Ron also discusses building related specifics of the XCode as well. This may save your life in case of the settings that are bound to signing the application and are required for proper upload to iTunes App Store.

What I like in the book is the explanation of all these little “traps” you will encounter while developing for the device or while preparing the app for the submission. Ron tells you what you have to pay attention for in order to avoid future problems. You can find here description of how to make sure you won’t get lost with the certificates, application’s names, bundle names, etc.

The book is written in step-by-step tutorial style. You have to simply follow Ron and reproduce the steps in your own environment.

In general, you can find all the information that are presented in the book over the net. But they are spread around various forums, Apple’s developer pages, etc. In here, you get everything in one place. This way, you can save what’s most important – the time.

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Amazon (in Books): Essential iOS Build and Release: A Comprehensive Guide to Building, Packaging, and Distribution
Amazon (Kindle): Essential iOS Build and Release: A Comprehensive Guide to Building, Packaging, and Distribution