Diablo 3 – crashes at OS X and freezes my Mac

If you have experienced the issue with Diablo 3 completely freezing your Mac, take a look at file inside /Application/D3Debug.txt.

In my case, there was this issue that files were corrupted. You can tell that by examining the D3Debug.txt

2014.11.12 00:38:24.407071158	ERROR: Failed to validate 
file (Appearance\a3dun_Keep_Cart_A_Breakable.app). Details:
F9E0777B147CBC680FB8E6358613B470 778840 1


2014.11.12 00:38:24.407202563	ERROR: [Data Validation Failure] 
Diablo III was unable to validate core data files.

What you can see here is that one of the patches is corrupted. In order to fix that, you have to go inside

/Applications/Diablo III/Data_D3/PC/MPQs/Cache/base

And remove mentioned patched file + anything that is newer than that. In my case, it was: patch-base-26451.mpq file.

After removing broken patches, application downloaded all the data once again and this time it was just fine.