creating SNV repository + NetBeans 6.9 integration

Create SVN repository and start server

svnadmin create /home/svnrepos
echo "anon-access = read" >> /home/svnrepos/svnserve.conf
echo "auth-access = write" >> /home/svnrepos/svnserve.conf
echo "password-db = passwd" >> /home/svnrepos/svnserve.conf
echo "user_name = user_password" >> /home/svnrepos/passwd
svnserve -d -r /home/svnrepos

Import NetBeans 6.9 project into SVN repository

Projects -> Right click project -> Versioning -> Import into Subversion Repository...
Repository URL: svn://your_svn_server/
User: user_name
Password: user_password

Click "Next" and type in message within "Specify the Message:" text area.
Click "Finish"